Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center Large Caliber Chamfering Tool

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Hornady is known for making high quality reloading equipment. The Hornady Large Caliber Chamfering Tool is an excellent piece of equipment for the reloader looking to gain every ounce of accuracy out of their handloads. Putting a light chamfer on the inside of the case neck is a crucial step during the reloading sequence. This steps helps to remove slight imperfections on the inside of the case neck and provide a slight chamfer helping to reduce the chance of shaving any material of the bullet and increasing bullet seating consistency. A case only needs to be chamfered before the initial loading then any time the case is trimmed.


- Fits: Large Caliber Chamfering Tool Works for Cartridges Between .30 Caliber and .50 Caliber
- Function: Cuts a Slight Chamfer in the Case Mouth to Increase Bullet Seating Consistency.
- Material: Steel

Notes: This tool is threaded 8-32 so it will work in the Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep Trio, Case Prep Center or installed in the Universal Accessory Handle

manufacturer no: 050170
bar code: 090255501704

manufacturer : Hornady
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dimensional weight: 2 (w) x1 (h) x5.5 (d)