American Series Die Set 2 Die Rifle, .308 Winchester (0.308" Diameter) with Shellholder

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Perfect for the handloader looking to maximize the efficiency of their reloads, American Series die sets deliver excellent reloading performance at a great price. Die bodies are precision reamed from premium steel that is hardened to exacting specifications. They are then polished to a smooth finish that will endure the rigors of countless reloading sessions. Each die set includes a shell holder. Basic reloading data and two extra decapping pins are also included. Sizing dies size to SAAMI specifications. Internal spindles, expanders and seating stems are interchangeable with other components on the market. The American series features a threaded spindle that is adjusted by screwing the spindle further into or out of the die body and a standard ball expander which sizes the inside of the case neck. Die bodies feature a smooth surface while the seating stem and spindle are knurled for ease in adjustment. A 6-sided nut and O-ring secure and hold the die in place.


- Shellholder
- Basic Reloading Data
- Two Extra Decapping Pins


- Caliber: .308 Winchester
- Number of Dies: 2
- Die Type: Full Length Sizing and Bullet Seating
- Threads7/8"-14
- Shellholder Included: Yes
- Storage Box Included: No

manufacturer no: 486358
bar code: 090255483581

manufacturer : Hornady
shipping dimensions:
weight: 1.1
dimensional weight: 6.5 (w) x2.25 (h) x9 (d)